Never prone to shying away from the hot button issues of the day, Fifth Gear decided to do an unscientific test of the effects of marijuana on driver reaction and car control.

Unlike alcohol, where driver awareness is reduced and risk taking is increased (not to mention the cause of about 40% of road fatalities in the U.S. each year, 2004 stats), pot has less of an effect on reaction times and more of an effect on spatial awareness, speed consciousness and other cognitive processes.

Their test subject was an avid user of the ganja, which brought to light the issue of testing drivers who are suspected of being under the influence of the devil weed. Since trace amounts of THC can be found in the blood, days, and usually weeks, after it's been consumed, there is little benefit to the usual DUI tests.

The video is less of a scientific study and more of a commentary on the state of marijuana legislation and drug enforcement, but it brings to light some pertinent questions that we here across the pond can debate until the stoners come home.

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