Your spaceship has arrived: The spiritual successor to the Citroen DS?

1955 – Elvis is just heating up, Blackboard Jungle is in theaters and tailfins will take a couple more years to really get outrageous. Across the Atlantic in France, the Martians forgot their space capsule. There is no other way to explain a car that debuted in 1955 having such sophistication – a hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension, excellent handling and ride, and headlamps that swiveled with the steering, to name a few. The Citroen DS was a unique, well-loved, amazing piece of engineering. It appears that the fondness for the DS of yore gave rise to an evocative fantasy creation, the D5. Featured in an Auto Moto magazine article that "covered" the D5's unveiling at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, the rendering pictured here certainly lifts its majorstyling cues from the iconic DS.

[Source: Citroenet]

Under the D5's Jet-Age facade is a transverse boxer engine mounted midship, powering an all-wheel-drive system. The mid-mounting and low height of the engine are said to enhance crash safety, as is the neo-retro bodywork. Inside, the inventiveness continues with 5 seating places, one centrally located and able to swivel between forward and backward facing. Nice touches are everywhere, like an electrochromic glass roof that can go from dark to transparent in 6 seconds, and a double-pane windshield for noise and thermal isolation. Powertrains are reported to pay homage to their forebears as well. Thus, the D5 will not be anymore of a scorcher than the DS was, but it'll be a heck of a nice ride while getting there. We're not sure how it'd sell in the US, but it appears to have a ready-made fan base in France. Hey, if it was driven by both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Brigitte Bardot, it could be a winner again!

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