eBay find of the Day: Lambo Miura S

eBay is simply the best place in the world to do your holiday shopping. Not only can you find electronics, DVDs, clothes, gourmet food, and just about anything else on your wishlist, but there is the eBay Motors area that offers up a helping or two of automotive wish fulfillment on a regular basis. And today's find is one of the best we've come across in some time. A 1970 Lamborghini P400 Spinto. Better known as a Miura S to most enthusiasts.

EBay Item number 150063006307 is self-described as "one of the nicest ones available today in the USA." This Giallo/blue baby also has full "REGISTRO LAMBORGHINI" certification due to its original condition. Chassis number #4401 has but 14,244 miles on the clock and even in the subpar photos, looks splendid.

First shown at Geneva in 1966, the Miura was an instant smash hit for Lamborghini, vaulting the small carmaker to supercar fame. The mid-engined V12 layout was groundbreaking and the Gandini-penned body still remains one of the most beautiful sports car shapes ever created. Originally sporting 350 hp, the "S" (for Spinto, or tuned) bumped that to 370 hp through reshaped combustion chambers, different carburetors, higher lift cams and improved breathing.

Only 140 of these "S" cars were built before the arguably no-better SV version was introduced at the 1971 Geneva Salon. The SV had more power but was also a bit fatter and lost some of the original appeal with the addition of the rear wheel arches and the loss of the headlight "eyelashes." Not very often that one this nice comes up and the $200,000 current high bid reflects the interest this car still draws. Deservedly so, we might add. You still have almost 6 days to bid, so get a move on.

[Source: eBay, Lamborghini Registry]

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