Survey says autos experience gender bender as they age

A new survey released in England reveals that a car's gender changes as it ages. 500 people surveyed by the Bosche Car Service network indicate that when a car is new it's more likely to be seen as a woman, but as the age of one's wheels increases it drops an X- and picks up a Y-chromosome to become male. The reasoning behind the way a vehicle is viewed based on its age actually makes a lot of sense. The author of the report, Jan Walsh, says that, "...when a car is at its newest, sexiest and looking its best, owners relate it to being female. It's like a woman who's spent time on herself to look good and is out on the street attracting attention. As the car gets older we consider a car to be male – it's reliable, solid and gets the job done, much like your dad or granddad." The survey also found that men are likely to see their cars as male, and likewise for women who generally see their whips as female.

You can check out the actual survey results that led to these conclusions by following the Read link below. We did, and considering the relatively small pool of 500 people surveyed, we have to question if these results show a statistically significant change in the way a car is viewed over time or merely encompass a few anomalies that skewed the findings. Then we have to question if we care either way, since it's just a fun survey that outs our cars as transsexuals.


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