Porsche produces 200,000th Boxster

Last week was big for Porsche as the automaker produced the 200,000th Boxster. The Boxster line, which now includes the fixed-roof Cayman variant, is in the midst of its tenth year on the road. Production of the Boxster and Cayman exceeded 27,000 cars for FY 05/06, reflecting the model's growth since its introduction. At that time, Porsche expected 15,000 cars to be produced annually.

Car number 200,000 was a Boxster S born at Valmet Automotive in Finland and destined for a US customer -- no surprise, as the North American continent accounts for 40% of global Boxster sales. With styling clearly inspired by the Spyders of yore, the Boxster has evolved from concept car to a brand name as recognizable and important as Porsche's other star, the 911. And like its big brother, it serves an aspirational vehicle to many. Over the last ten years, the phrase "first Porsche" and "Boxster" became synonymous for an undetermined number of enthusiasts. A first Porsche is undoubtedly a special thing, and so, by extension is the Boxster.

Congratulations to Porsche on reaching the milestone.

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200,000th Boxster rolls off the line

Stuttgart/Uusikaupunki. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, is celebrating a very special production milestone: The 200,000th Boxster has just rolled off the production line at its partner Valmet Automotive in Uusikaupunki in Finland. This landmark vehicle, a meteor grey metallic Boxster S, is being delivered to a customer in the US. Michael Macht, Executive Vice President Production and Logistics, said: "Ten years ago, no one would have believed what a huge success this Porsche mid-range roadster has become. Thanks to our flexible production system, we can manufacture the Boxster model series at both our main plant in Zuffenhausen and at Valmet. Today's milestone will especially inspire employees at both plants to continue the success story that is the Boxster."

At the roadster's launch in 1996, Porsche had assumed an annual production of 15,000 units. In the past fiscal year 2005/06, total sales of this model series, since extended to include the mid-range Cayman coupé, amounted to 27,906. The most important market for the Boxster is North America, which has a share of sales of around 40%, followed by Germany with up to 20%.

For the current model year, which began on August 1, 2006, both Boxster models have been upgraded again. The power of the 2.7-liter component in the basic model has now been increased by five HP to 245 HP (180 kW). The boxer engine in the latest Boxster S, which has grown in size from 3.2 to 3.4 liters, can unleash 295 HP (217 kW), 15 HP more than its predecessor.

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