Chery unveiling first mass-produced Chinese hybrid in Beijing

Can we call this a Chery bomb? Chinese automaker Chery just dropped a bomb on the 2006 Ninth Beijing International Auto Exhibition. According to Autoblog Chinese, Chery introduced a hybrid Chery A5 ISG. The A5 is one of Chery's more popular family vehicles. This will be the first hybrid to be mass-produced in China.

The Chery A5 ISG is a parallel hybrid, using the gas engine and/or electric motor to power the vehicle independenty or in unison. It will use an ACTECO1.3L 4 cylinder, coupled with their 519 5-spd MT gearbox. At low speeds, it will essentially be an electric vehicle, with the gasoline engine shutting down. When the vehicle hits higher speeds (usually reach 40km/h above), or senses the need for more rapid acceleration, the gasoline engine will start up and supplement the power.

Regenerative braking will also be employed to capture kinetic energy for conversion into electrical energy. No word on what type of batteries they'll use, which is a big question mark. We'll keep our eyes open for additional English information, as our Mandarin is a bit rusty.

[Source : Chery]

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