Mazda will unveil Nagare concept in L.A.

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The official leakage ahead of the L.A. Auto Show has begun, and Mazda has oozed out an obscure artsy rendering of a concept it will debut called the Nagare (pronounced na-gah-reh). Unlike the last three concepts from Mazda, the Sassou, Senku and Kabura, the Nagare is said to actually showcase Mazda's future design direction. The new General Manager of Mazda's Design Division, Laurens van den Acker, says the concept sums up the future of Mazda design in one word - "Flow". That's followed up in the press release by a heavy flow of PR design jargon that tells us nothing about the concept, things like "Negare examines light and shadow," and "an evolving expression of Zoom-Zoom." What can we tell you about the Nagare from the accompanying image? It has a brake light, at least one, tiger stripes on the driver's side, no doors, and, oh yeah, it's definitely in the business of examining light and shadow. Still, we did like the Kabura concept Mazda showed in Detroit back in January that was designed by Franz Von Holzhausen, who now heads Design for Mazda North America and lead the Nagare design team.

Follow the jump for Mazda's ebullient press release.

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Mazda to Reveal All-New Design Concept
at 2007 Los Angeles International Auto Show

Hiroshima, Japan, 15th November 2006. Mazda Motor Corporation will present an all-new concept car, the Mazda Nagare (pronounced na-gah-reh), for the first time globally at the Greater Los Angeles International Auto Show during its press conference at 16:05 local time on 29 November 2006. Following on the heels of three very successful and exploratory Mazda design concepts – Sassou, Senku, and Kabura – from last year's show season, Nagare is the first indication of Mazda's future design direction.

According to Laurens van den Acker, newly-appointed General Manager of Mazda's Design Division, Nagare sums up the future of Mazda design in one deceptively simple word – Flow. "Nagare is a celebration of proportions and surface language that will evolve into subsequent designs planned for presentation at future international auto shows. Nagare examines light and shadow, and begins to reveal the global design cues for the next generation of Mazda vehicles."

Franz Von Holzhausen, Director of Design for Mazda North American Operations, who headed the Nagare design team in Irvine, California describes the concept as an evolving expression of Zoom-Zoom: "Inspired by the movement of nature's elements, our designers have captured motion, energy and lightness, translating into a beautiful language of lines and forms that are powerful yet effortless, provocative yet strikingly seductive."

And there's much more to come, too, as Mazda continues to evolve Flow through future models. For now, Mazda enthusiasts can experience Nagare as an indication of Mazda Design's confident step in a new direction. Other vehicles on display in Los Angeles will include the Mazda CX-7 crossover SUV, the Mazda CX-9 three-row, seven-passenger SUV, which arrives in North American Mazda dealerships in early 2007, and the brilliantly-designed Mazda MX-5 Roadster Coupe with power retractable hardtop.

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