Ferrari + Corvette = Fervette (and dry heaves)

More than a few people have pointed out how much the new Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano looks like a C6 Corvette. They even share several components, including the Delphi magnerrific suspension. And we've seen what some people will do to get the next-best-thing to the car of their dreams when looks are more important than authenticity. It has led to some pretty outrageous and vomitastic hatchet jobs. This specimen doesn't necessarily go to those extremes, but it is fairly laughable nonetheless.

Virginia resident and Autoblog reader N Phox sent us a couple of snapshots of one Vette owner's homage to Maranello. Fairly subtle body modifications with a couple of additional vents and the de rigueur shields and classic Ferrari 5-spokes. What really puts this one on our radar, however, is the blaze of Modena Giallo running from snout to rump and splashing its way across the dash as well. Yikes. We don't know what else to say. While we want to tell you to slap the owner if you see him/her, we don't condone acts of violence, and understand that there is often a fine line that divides passion for another marque and insanity. And that line is drawn in different places by every individual.

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