BMW diesels coming to North America in 2008, starting with the 535d

If you've been bemoaning the fact that you can't drive any of the nice BMW European diesels here in North America, listen up. The time for your whining has ended (at least for a while). Winding Road spoke with "an honest-to-goodness German big-wig at BMW" and got the scoop on how diesel bimmers will be here by late 2008. The official news will come at the L.A. auto show later this month, where BMW will announce its North American diesel strategy, led by the low-emission 535d.

Winding Road claims the strategy is to bring over all the six-cylinder diesels, starting with the 5-series. The real difficulty lies in getting the diesels ready for the stricter diesel emissions laws that kick in in 2009. Looks like Mercedes' push to get their BlueTec 320s onto showroom floors this year is having an effect. Also, Audi will announce at the NAIAS in January that Audi vehicles with VW's TDI diesel engines in them should be here by 2008. All right, feel free to get back to your bemoaning now.

[Source: Winding Road via our friends at Autoblog]

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