Australian Auction Action: Craptacular collection from the 70s and 80s

OK, Bonhams and Goodman in Australia is now near the top of our list of favorite auction companies. They just posted a catalogue of 150 cars from a private collection that will be up for sale next week. The best part about this offering is that these are all one man's cars and many of them aren't particularly well known. There are lots of fun and odd lots in this collection, and many enthusiasts will recognize the names or shapes, but they are generally unheralded cars from the craptacular '70s and '80s.

AMC Matadors, Chrysler Cordobas, Opel Monzas, and Lincoln Town Cars sit alongside Maseratis, Jaguars and Mercedes. Nothing too spectacular. Certainly nothing that would challenge the top bids at the recent Otis Chandler liquidation. Expected bids range from sub-$1,000 beaters to a Jag XK150, Bentley Mk. IV and DeTomaso Pantera which are expected to fetch $70,000-$80,000. Most of the cars have low mileage and have been sitting for some time, so winning bidders should expect to do some freshening before the cars are roadworthy again, but once they are, it should be a lot of fun. Looking through the listings is like reading the classifieds from 1978. We highly recommend checking it out for yourself.

[Source: Hemmings]

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