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Penske to return to LeMans?

Although he hasn't been to LeMans since the '70s, Roger Penske has apparently told AutoSport that he would 'love' to compete again at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. After taking the ALMS LMP2 class title this year with the dominating Porsche RS Spyders, it's not too surprising to hear he might want to tackle the big show too.

"I'd love to go back to Le Mans, but it's a huge expense," said Penske. "It's a decision Porsche has to make." Referring to the Porsche LMP2 entry, he added, "I always wish we were racing in LMP1, but this keeps us on our toes," he said. "I don't think we'd be ready to go to Le Mans until we could challenge for the leadership in LMP1."

Heck, the Porsche RS Spyder should be even better next year in its sophomore season, and it already beat the (restricted) Audi R8 earlier this year, although the R10 is a different matter. Ever the diplomat, Roger quickly pointed out there are no current plans to bring the Porsches up a class.

"Next year our plan is to do LMP2 again, so any LMP1 decision would be for 2008," he said. "I don't see it in the cards right now."

[Source: AutoSport]

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