Green beer delivery starting in Santa Cruz California

No, it's not St. Patrick's day yet. It's just the seemingly inexorable march of biodiesel continuing as Couch Distributing of Santa Cruz, County, California moves to fry oil. Couch has a fleet of 57 trucks that deliver bear and liquor in the Santa Cruz area. Couch, along with food service company Ledyard and Watsonville Coast Produce, is buying its biodiesel from Nature's Fuel Corp.

Currently Nature buys it's fuel supplies from refineries in the Midwest and is selling it $2.80 per gallon which is about 25 cents less than regular diesel. Nature's Fuel currently has over a dozen customers and is doing so well that they are looking into starting a co-op to to build a local biodiesel refinery that would produce fuel from locally grown crops.

[Source: Santa Cruz Centinal via]

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