TVR enthusiasts unite to honor idled Bispham factory workers

In a demonstration of support and thanks, TVR owners and enthusiasts from across the UK rallied together to show the workers at the TVR assembly plant on Bristol Avenue that their efforts have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

As the workers left the plant, a long line of owners and admirers parked outside the gates greeted them with cheering, applause, revving engines and blaring horns. The workers were also invited to join the enthusiasts at the Red Lion Pub in Devonshire, who agreed to block off part of the parking lot for them and have extra staff on hand. The cheering group also took up a collection to cover the bar tab for the displaced workers.

Hmm. I don't remember any stories about people rallying around any Ford, GM or Chrysler workers as their plants closed. Maybe it would take a closing at Bowling Green or Flat Rock to generate this kind of public display? Well, it certainly didn't happen at Dearborn. In this day and age it is great to see people actually show some appreciation for something that they are passionate about. Demonstrations like these, regardless of size or scope are too few and far between.


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