SEMA: Genaddi LSR Roadster

The Genaddi LSR Roadster is not for the faint of heart. Only those strong in constitution would tear into a perfectly good Corvette Z06 to create something unique like the LSR. Designed by Wisconsin-based coachbuilder Mark Gerisch, the LSR eschews the Corvette's composite and carbon fiber body panels for ones made of aluminum. While doing so, Gerisch tweaked the Vette's rear end so it kind of looks like an Enzo's with "afterburner" style taillights. We think it falls short of a flattering imitation, but you can decide for yourself. Though nearly every body panel has been recast in aluminum, for some reason only the back half appears altered. The front half looks for all the world like a production Z06, except with a hood scoop and vents that run up the front fenders. The LSR uses the Z06 engine and adds only a "chip" that increases horsepower to 545 according to a representative. We're not sure if we had a Z06 that we'd trade it in for a Genaddi LSR Roadster, but we can't deny that it draws a crowd.


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