SEMA: Clear wheels steal the show

For all the crazy rides on display at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, it seems every year a pair of rims manages to attract the most attention. A few years ago it was the arrival of 30-inch rims. Last year it was the $1,000,000 rims from Asanti. This year all we've heard about are these clear wheels that we just have to go check out, so check them out we did before the show closed last night. The D'Vinci Forgiato Radurra wheels are made from polycarbonate and are totally transparent where one would expect to see spokes. The wheel on display featured 1.5-inch think polycarbonate, while the set installed on the Mercedes-Benz CLS had 2-inch thick polycarobonate. Each wheel costs $2,000, which is a bargain compared to the $250k you need to cough up roll on just one Asanti rim. You'll need the extra dough, though, to keep these clear wheels clean of brake dust.

Bunch more pics after the jump.


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