The car as art: Leepu Awila's RMX-1

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. One man's artistic expression in vehicular form may make another man vomit uncontrollably. While this particular vehicle probably falls on the latter end of the spectrum for most, we felt like we had to share. Perhaps it will inspire other designers to come up with something less hideous more to their liking. Bangladeshi automotive artist Leepu Awila created his RMX-1 as more of a design study than a functional concept.

Awila originally hand sketched the RMX-1 after being inspired by a trip to an aquarium. "I'm giving it big side-windows. People are gonna want to see the driver of this car," says Leepu Awila, "not just their face but what they're wearing, their trousers or skirt. I got the idea at the aquarium. I thought: if I can see the fish, the fish can definitely see me."

In just six short weeks, he managed to gather all of the parts and materials he needed and hammer the car into shape. He used raw sheet metal if needed, but also used many parts salvaged from used car markets. A chassis from an old Capri and the greenhouse from a mangled Calibra to name but two. Awila developed his coachbuilding skills by building replicas of his favorite cars after he had seen them at auto shows. His first project was a replica of the Lamborghini Countach that he built on a Volkswagen Beetle chassis.

Over the years he got really good at it, but it eventually struck him that he didn't want to fake it any more and that he "felt like a thief". He wanted to come up with his own designs, allowing his creative juices to flow. For Awila the end product isn't the most important thing. The actual creation of the piece itself, the construction process that turns scrap into a thing of beauty, is the reward.

[Source: Top Gear via Motor Authority]

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