Spy Shots: Ferrari Challenge Stradale F430

When we close our eyes and think "Challenge Stradale," images of candy-cane curbing and wheel-to-wheel action comes to mind. In the tradition of past CS models, Ferrari is in the process of reengineering their F430 down to the bare essentials to compete with the similarly stripped Porsche 911 RS model. Left Lane News has procured shots of the ready-to-race F430 in Stradale guise and aside from a boom mic mounted on the rear bumper to record that sumptuous exhaust note, there is plenty more to geek-out on.
Much like past CS models, the F430 will go on a diet that includes more fiber (carbon, that is) replacing the door panels and rear grille, along with magnesium wheels. Unlike its predecessors, those wheels will be attached via a five-lug setup, as opposed to the single hub units used on the F360. Plastic windows also won't make it to production, as safety regulations won't allow them. Regardless, the F430's weight will still drop by over 200 pounds.

In addition to the weight savings, more power will find its way under the hood. Currently, the base F430 makes approximately 490 BHP. After some exhaust modifications that move the pipes northward and the expected ECU tweaking, the new CS will produce upwards of 520 BHP. Naturally, all that 'go' needs to be scrubbed off at some point, so Ferrari upgraded the brakes with larger discs and fitted stickier rubber at all four corners, to maximize both acceleration and braking.

The F430 Challenge Stradale should be made available sometime in early 2007.

[Source: Left Lane News]

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