Wow. What is this? The Illinois Farm Bureau has produced two 30-second TV spots to promote ethanol. The one, called "Kids Say the Darndest Things" is harmless enough, as it's just kids reading pro-ethanol statements into the camera in their cute kid voices. The other, though... shudder. Here's the scene:

A family is at the gas station, complaining about the high prices. In swoops Ethanol Superhero Captain Cornelius, who tells them about the price- and foreign oil-fighting power of home-grown ethanol. A good enough message, but unsettling coming from a freaky and top-heavy corn stalk/dervish-like creature who performs a Slash! CUT! Drop! on gasoline prices. Perhaps the IFB thinks marketing ethanol to kids will get them to nag their parents about it at the pump. Weird.

[Source: Illinois Farm Bureau]

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