Giant magnet sweeper scouring British roads for debris

You know how during your daily life you sometimes spot things that are so simple, so clever, and so obviously practical, that you kick yourself for not thinking of them first? Well, after reading this Pistonheads article, we found ourselves doing exactly that.
You see, in England, the proverbial light bulb ticked on over someone's head and the next thing you know, a large bar magnet was fitted to a road sweeper that patrols the highways in the southeastern part of the country. The magnet picks up metallic debris that could otherwise cause damage to cars traveling the roadway, which in turn could cause accidents.

The sweeper has covered over 34,000 kilometers so far, and during that time, it's snagged over 3 tons of metal road junk while performing its normal sweeping and cleaning functions.

Great idea, eh?

Yeah, we know what's going through your mind. We wish we'd thought of it first, too.

[Source: Pistonheads]

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