Arctic Cat starts B20 approved ATV production

While this new offering from Arctic Cat has four wheels, it's technically not a car. However, it's worth mentioning here since it marks the first time a B20 biodiesel blend is being commercially promoted for use in a small diesel engine. The Arctic Cat ATV, powered by a twin-cylinder diesel engine, is targeted at farmers who are already using biodiesel for their tractors and other farm equipment. The engine used in this ATV came from Italian small-engine specialist Lombardini. The diesel ATV provides 30 percent better fuel mileage and low-end torque. Arctic Cat's main findings from rigorous testing with B20, simulating five years of customers use, were mainly that there was nothing very significant to report. No differences in engine or component wear were observed, and no degradation of the fuel system occurred. Let's hope more and more manufacturers will follow suit and certify their diesel engines for B20 use.
[Source: Biodiesel Magazine]

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