AmandaAcrossAmerica checks out biodiesel

As part of AutoBlogGreen's continuing coverage of Amanda Congdon's coast to coast journey across America, I wanted to let you know about her crew's latest episode. As mentioned in ABG's interview with Amanda, they visited the Nation BioDiesel Board in Jefferson City, Missouri. The National Biodiesel Board is the national trade group for the biodiesel industry. Among other things they coordinate research and development for biodiesel nationally.

While visiting the NBB, Amanda talked to Donnell Rehagen - Chief Operating Officer of the organization. Donnell talks a bit about the differences between petroleum and biodiesel, the economics of biodiesel and talks about the non-toxicity of biodiesel. He also mentions that actress Darryl Hannah demonstrated the non-toxicity by actually drinking some biodiesel. Amanda and Donnell also check out his Mercedes running on biodiesel. You can check out the video here or subscribe to the whole video blog series for free here.


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