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Microcar builder wants 105mpg vehicle in AltCarExpo

The builder of the Moonbeam microcar would like to attend the upcoming Santa Monica AltCarExpo but he is concerned about driving a string of ten 300-mile days at about 40 or 50 mph. Jory Squibb already made a big hit at the Boston Altwheels Festival with his home-built 3-wheeler. The car is based on a Honda Elite 150 scooter and gets 105mpg in city traffic. Squibb says he built the Moonbeam with just over $2,300 in parts and 1,000 manhours. The Moonbeam can seat two and features a tri-position canopy.

I discovered the Moonbeam through an essay from Squibb on The Auto Channel. He's very passionate about the microcar concept and draws much of his inspiration from the Messerschmitt strategy after WWII as well as the 1977 Arola. Squibb's Web site has photos of the buildup and candids from the car's appearances. His latest update on the site expresses concern about driving cross-country as he doesn't want to show off the vehicle's "weakness." He'd rather get a train ride donated and drive from Flagstaff to the to the coast. He's asking for ideas.

[Source: The Auto Channel]

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