More details on new Dino from Ferrari

What we wouldn't give to have a somewhat more affordable new Ferrari available in dealerships today. Something at maybe half the current price of an F430. Something that can get by with only 300 hp. Something that is lighter and more nimble but still has the style and visceral appeal of the legendary marque from Maranello. Something like a modern day Ferrari Dino. Mid-engine, smaller high-revving V-8, sexy bodywork. We've speculated a bit about it in the past and have offered up reasons why Ferrari should build it, even suggested platforms and design parameters, but so far no response from Luca.

(additional info and an alternative design concept after the jump)

[Source: AutoBild via Motor Authority]
Although we have heard the project is dead (if it was ever indeed being seriously considered), it never hurts to dream. And rumors persist. The latest AutoBild, in fact, has a cover illustration of a possible direction this project might head if it indeed gets greenlighted. Looks more like a BMW Z4 or scaled down 599 than what we might have hoped for, but anything new on this front is a good sign.

This particular rendering looks to be a front-engined 2 seater, likely with a folding metal roof, but a mid-engine platform to go up against the Boxster/Cayman and Elise/Exige would be more to our liking. Although the AutoBild shot isn't particularly beautiful, a front-engined Dino could work, and might be possible on the Alfa 8C platform as well. And if that beauty doesn't stir your soul, I hate to break it to you, but you are dead my friend.

Likely based on the new 8C/Maserati Coupe platform, the 4.2 liter V-8 would be the most logical powerplant, but a high-revving new V-6 might find its way into the engine bay as well. Nice, but we'd still prefer something closer to what Dutch designer Michiel van den Brink has offered. He is the designer who recently brought us the GTO concept based on either a Maranello or Fiorano platform, that we drooled over a week or so ago.

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