OMG, This was Suzuki's big news? Come on guys? Taking a Grand Vitara and letting some graffiti artists tag it isn't that impressive. But we know there are some of you who love this stuff, and the work was kind of cool, so here it is. In all fairness, Suzuki made sure we knew it wasn't just a paint job. Follow the jump for another pic and the stats on this rolling mix stand.

[Source: Suzuki]

Here's a rundown of features on the "Hip Hop" Grand Vitara:
  • 20-inch customized painted wheels and tires
  • Customized interior
  • Gull wing window features slide out audio mixing equipment, including
  • telescoping microphone boom, drum machine and digital recorder
  • In-dash touch screen video monitor
  • 20-inch video screen in back door panel
  • Nokia 770 Internet tablet
  • Rear exterior mounted speakers and spare tire mounted subwoofer
  • Chrome antenna housing, exhaust and mirrors

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