Northeast Biofuels plant draws attention of business community

The transformation of a former 350,000-square-foot Miller brewery into an ethanol plant generated three stories in the recent Oswego County Business magazine.
By keeping the fermentation equipment, the current owner of the property will have an easier time of starting up Northeast BioFuels (NEB) in Volney, New York. The plant will employ around 50 people and produce up to 114 million gallons of ethanol annually. Officials predict more than 2 billion gallons of ethanol will be needed every year in the Northeast. New York Gov. Pataki wants E85 pumps all along the state's Thruway system.

Complementing the story on the plant, its background and its potential economic benefits to the area, writer Chris Matola also offers an in-depth look into the pros and cons of ethanol. The energy balance dilemma is the main focus of the story, and Matola is very thorough in his research of government documents and interviewing experts. In a third story, Motola profiles efforts by the BOC group to build a plant next to NEB to capture CO2 gasses for commercial use.

If you're new to the ethanol debate, take at look at Matola's first two stories. He covers the business angles very well, keeping in mind the energy needs of the Northeast.

[Source: Oswego County Business]

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