International Sustainable Energy Forum coming to San Francisco next month

If you were trying to find a suitable meeting place to host a gathering, and you were representing the governments of Canada, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, what location would you choose? Would it be San Francisco? That was the decision someone made, and I think that would make sense only because the gathering is the International Sustainable Energy Forum 2006. San Francisco (and California) have really taken the lead in promoting sustainable energy production and use. The Forum takes place October 11, 2006 at the Miyako Hotel in San Francisco and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi will present the keynote speech. The Forum will address green transportation through sessions on "Clean Transport: Technologies and Economics" and "Sustainable Options for Energy Generation". You can see a full list of speakers and register for the free event at the website. I hope at least some delegates ride the new clean diesel buses when they're in town.

[Source: International Sustainable Energy Forum]

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