RR of the Day: 1968 BMW 1600

One Mr. Murden Mitten provided us with some photos of his 1968 BMW 1600 and it looks like a clean, well-maintained example of one of the more revolutionary sedans to come out of the 60s and 70s.

The 1600 and the 2002 were a divergence from the standard offerings of the time. If one wanted outright handling and tossability, the only options available were of the British variety and if the owner had anything larger than a coin purse, storage capacity was at a premium. Reliability issues aside, the Brit's roadsters were far from practical.

On the other side of the spectrum was American muscle. Since big and heavy didn't lend itself to handling prowess, what they lacked in the cornering department was easily made up for in with big displacement and big power.

But nothing was in between.

Enter BMW. Small, light, agile but with enough kick to put a grin from ear to ear on any enthusiasts face. Almost 40 years later it's still a competent driver, regularly found on autocross courses across the country, and continues to influence vehicle dynamics and design to this day.

A few more shots of Mr. Mitten's ride are after the jump.

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