Aftermarket sales hit $35 billion in U.S.

Over the last five years, the aftermarket industry has seen a steady 18 percent increase in sales and now the people that supply everything from high-performance carbs to those annoying LED windshield washer squirters rake in over $35 billion annually.

The sales segments are broken down into three categories. The first is appearance and accessories, which make up a large portion of the industry, followed by tires, wheels and suspension equipment and then racing and high-performance equipment, bring up the rear.

Overall, this increase in sales is due to a few specific factors, the largest of which is a higher rate of car owners in the U.S. population. This, coupled with both the over-60 crowd supposedly having more disposable income and, of course, the tuner market contributing to the boom.

It's a good time to be in the business, now all we have to do is come up with the next big aftermarket craze. Hmmmm... spinning Lambo doors. Dammit, that's already been done.

[Source: The Auto Channel]

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