COOLPL8Z ROX is the world's "coolest" vanity license plate resource on the web. Why do we say that? Well we didn't, they did, but we have to agree when one of their featured plates is so obviously near and dear to our hearts. According to the site, COOLPL8Z was launched as an online gallery of vanity plates, plus a collection of resources for acquiring your own custom plate.

Visitors are encouraged to submit photos of custom plates they've seen on the road to share with the rest of the world. Plates can then be rated so you can see how your plate compares to those sent in by other contributors. Those submitting a plate may also be surprised to find out that others have found an alternate meaning for the message. And frankly that's half the fun of the site. Is "SEER" a mystic or a steak chef who can't spell? The site tells you what they think each plate says if it's not obvious, and in some cases the submitter even shares the story behind the plate. Very cool. Go check it out and report back your favorites.

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