Aston V8 Vantage gets flappy paddles

According to AutoExpress' sources, Aston Martin will be debuting a six-speed, automated, manual gearbox for its V8 Vantage at the Paris Motor Show. The clutchless setup allows for quick up/down shifts, via steering wheel-mounted paddles, and also a fully automatic mode for sedate cruising.

The new transmission will be similar to the one offered in the baby Aston's elder, the Vanquish, which may be a blessing/curse. Early on, most reported that the big-V's manu-matic was lurchy and difficult to drive with any measure of smoothness. According to Aston, a software update was released to cure those ills.

Aston Martin also plans on releasing details about a partnership with the world-renowned seat maker, Recaro, which will furnish both the DB9 and Vantage with new, more bolstered and adjustable thrones. 'Cause when you drop that kind of coin on a GT, you gotta be comfy, right?

You can find a pic of the Vantage's interior after the jump, with a large (read: awkward) mobile phone/sunglass/trinket holder where the shifter used to reside.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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