Brenda Priddy's fall collection

Ah, Fashion Week. That time of year when designers roll out their most extravagant, over-the-top Spring fashion ideas so we can have the Target knock-offs next April when the weather actually allows us to wear them. While Y3, Vera and DK may be the stars in NY, here at Autoblog we turn to that well-known and well-loved spy photog fashionista Brenda Priddy. Brenda's line of casual wear was recently unveiled with much less fanfare on cafepress.
We were slightly disappointed by the lack of camouflage or black garments in the lineup, but the HHR SS and Mercedes ML spyshots and "Espionage" in many languages look good on the T-shirts, camis, jerseys, Baby Dolls and even onesies that are available. And for those who don't want to necessarily wear their passions on their sleeves, there is a whole range of gift and desktop items available with the same designs.

[Source: Cafepress via TheCarConnection]

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