Tuner Tuesdays: McLaren F1-inspired kit car for $24K

The Enzo, Veyron, Carrera GT, Koenigsegg, et al each owe something to the car still considered by many to be the greatest supercar of all time, the McLaren F1. While they occasionally pop up on the used car market or in some of the higher end auctions around the world (the last one went for $1,705,000 at RM in Monterey last month), a McLaren F1's price is a bit steep for most of us. As with other desirable classics throughout the ages, the kit car and aftermarket body panel industry is here to help you out.

Read on to find what out production car lives beneath the this kit car's McLaren F1-inspired body...

[Source: DDR]

In fact, DDR Motorsport will help you get just a little closer to your dream ride for less than 24 grand. Plus a donor Gen II MR2 Turbo. The idea here is that the basic running gear of the '90-'96 MR2 is fairly stout, but the chassis could use some beefing up. So the DDR team of racer Diego Grullón and master craftsman Juan Ovalle teamed up with Trans Am car builder Kerry Hitt of ACP Motorsports, to build a unique chassis that would incorporate the MR2 mechanicals and make it an affordable supercar.

The resulting DDR SP4 will be available in kit form for around $23,700 depending on options. A list of assemblers will also be available soon for those who just want to get in and drive. The finished product should be something like the recently debuted Lotus Europa S - 2200 lbs, 200-260 hp 2.0-liter turbo 4, and awesome handling. And with bodywork that makes it look like a cross between a McLaren and a JGTC racecar, it might just be more of a looker than the Lotus. And if that isn't enough power for you, the next project, the SP8, is going to use a Corvette LS-1 V-8 with as much as twice the power as the SP4 at a promised gain of only 100 pounds. Hope they send one of each over for testing.

More pics and details can be found at the DDR Motorsports website.

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