eBay find of the day: Enzo for ninety-nine pence

We found out early this morning that Redbull is not an easy substance to remove from a keyboard. The resulting caffeine/taurine-fueled spit-take came courtesy of this Ferrari Enzo popping up on the U.K. eBay site yesterday.

The opening bid is set at, we kid you not, £.99 and will end on the 21st of September. The seller has chosen to remain anonymous, instead using the firm Flogit4u.com to auction off the late Ferrari founder's namesake.

Fun fact: according to this article in the Guardian.co.uk, the Enzo is expected to handily beat-out the current U.K., high-bid record holder of £103,000, or just shy of $200k US, for Margaret Thatcher's handbag.

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