Torque-Bunny: Janspeed VW Golf TDI "Sprint"

British tuners Janspeed have come up with a £1,395 "Sprint" package that takes the stock VW Golf TDI and turns it into quite a sprightly performer. Janspeed reprograms the engine with some help from Superchips to increase horsepower to 185 (an increase of 45) and bump torque from 245 lb/ft up to 290 lb/ft. The best part of it all is that the maximum torque is available at a paltry 2,185 rpm. Excellent.
This sounds like a fun car to drive, and the numbers would seem to bear that out, with 60 mph arriving in a completely respectable 7.9 seconds. It doesn't end there, as the cost of entry also gets you new front and rear anti-roll bars and a set of 30mm lowering springs. Through it all, the car still averages over 40mpg (Imperial gallons).

Anecdotally, I've heard that the VW diesels are fairly wonderful to drive to begin with (I haven't had the pleasure of trying one out), so if that's the case, they must be an absolute ball when they're tuned like Janspeed's Golf TDI Sprint.

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[Source: Janspeed]

Janspeed launches Mk5 Golf TDi 'Sprint' enhancement package – 185bhp and handling to match

Salisbury based performance engineering company Janspeed is delighted to announce a new enhancement package for the 140PS Golf Mk5 TDi. Designed to increase engine performance and sharpen the Mk5's already acclaimed dynamics, Janspeed's Sprint package broadens the driving appeal of the Golf, enabling it to become a true diesel hot hatchback, one that's equally at home on road and track.

Engine performance upgrade

Developed in conjunction with Superchips - Janspeed's electronics partner – the 138bhp Golf TDi is remapped to produce a healthy 185bhp at just 3896rpm. This power boost is allied to a mammoth 290lb/ft of torque (up from 245lb/ft) which peaks at a mere 2185rpm, endowing the Janspeed Golf TDi with impressive flexibility and in-gear acceleration.

Pleasingly, the frugality that endears the Golf TDi to many is retained post-conversion, as the Janspeed Sprint equipped car easily records over 42-45mpg on average consumption.

Dynamic chassis enhancement

While the good ride and handling qualities of the Mk5 Golf are well documented, careful development has produced a tauter, more performance focussed chassis, without compromising ride integrity.

Bespoke uprated front and rear anti-roll bars have been fitted, which significantly reduce lean during spirited cornering, while producing a nicely neutral handling balance. In addition, 30mm upgraded lowering springs are utilised, allied to the original dampers, to help reduce the costs of the conversion.

Affordable performance

Costing just £1395.00 including fitting and VAT, the Janspeed Golf Mk5 TDi Sprint package represents excellent value for money, as it offers Golf GT TD beating performance for significantly less money.

Janspeed Sprint Golf Mk5 TDi Performance figures

  • 0-60mph 7.9 seconds
  • Top speed 133mph
All quoted prices include VAT @ 17.5%.

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