From Russia with Love: GAZ Tiger-2 debuts at Moscow Motor Show

Gregory from tipped us off that Russian automaker GAZ unveiled a preproduction version of its Tiger-2 SUV at the Moscow Motor Show recently. The Tiger-2 looks very HUMMER-esque in profile, but has a face only a Russian drunk on vodka could love. And, are those... plastic wheel covers? The tigger is powered by a 190-hp diesel motor, which can actually get this mountain going 100 mph, but no more. The interior resembles the original HUMMER H1 with its obnoxiously wide central tunnel, but passengers will supposedly be treated to a smooth ride and plenty of comfort and convenience features.

With all the talk about when the Chinese will be flooding the U.S. market with inexpensive vehicles, one wonders if Russia's economy will ever be able to support the global aspirations of a native automaker like GAZ. Kinda makes you go... hmmm.

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