RR of the Day: Telstar Logistics fleet vehicle

Nobody likes paying parking tickets or having their car vandalized by a gang of vagrant teens. Only some of us, however, would go as far as this guy to prevent those things from happening. Known only in Flickr by the name Telstar Logistics, this man has dressed up his 1999 Jeep Cherokee to look like a work vehicle for his ficticious company of the same name. In order to look as official as possible, the vehicle is equipped with fake Telstar Logistics logos, fleet vehicle numbering, rear safety striping, amber-colored rear warning flashers, a spotlight mounted on the A-pillar, and the icing on the cake – a rubberized front push bumper for "parallel parking defense and rendering motorist assistance".

For more about the history of this diabolical scheme click here, and for a history of the Telstar name click here.

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