How 'swift' is it? Suzuki Swift Sport

If you've listened to our most recent podcast, it's apparent that a couple of us are eagerly awaiting the arrival of an important addition to the Suzuki lineup: the Swift Sport.

We've been eyeing-up the Swift Sport from far away, far too long, knowing that we'll adore its small footprint, perky-four and road-sucking prowess.

And what's not to love?

A small, high-revving 1.6-liter engine, with variable valve timing, that's been honed on the absurdly demanding Junior World Rally Championship circuit. A close-ratio, five speed manual gets to molest 125 hp before it reaches the tarmac and a suspension setup, mated with 17" wheels, that would bring a few Miata drivers around to the dark (front-wheel drive) side.

We can hardly wait, and thankfully, the blokes over at World Car Fans have given us all the succulent details to pour over in a hatch-induced haze.

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