Report: Exotics expensive to own - Related news: Sky blue

The Times Online published a fun report this Sunday detailing the so-called "supercar nightmare" -- the cold reality that owning an exotic machine is much more than simply heading down to the local Ferrari or Lamborghini dealer, plunking down a few hundred grand, and driving off into the sunset. As wonderful and exciting as exotics and supercars may be, they're still just cars in the end, and cars cost money to own and operate. With exotics, the high price of entry is a signal that the other related costs are going to up there as well.

This isn't news to a lot of us, and most exotic car buyers are financially well-off enough that they are undeterred by the cars' total cost of ownership. It is fascinating to see how much some parts go for, though. To that end, here are a few of the prices the Times tossed out for consideration. It should be noted that none of them include labor...
The list goes on, but the point is obvious: owning an exotic or supercar takes money -- plenty of it.

In fact, if the parts weren't obscenely expensive, we'd probably be disappointed. Chalk it up to human nature. People are impressed by big numbers, whether they're absurd performance statistics or mind-blowing sticker prices. A $15,000 replacement bumper? It doesn't detract from anything. It only adds to the car's mystique.

[Source: Times Online]

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