DriverTV - all cars, all the time

Although some of us truly enjoy the experience of shopping for a new car, there are others (and we're sure that you're not one of them) that can't be troubled with the whole leaving the house, driving to the dealer and kicking the tires routine. So, during this great day of labor, if you are not up to the task of spending quality time on your next vehicle purchase, we direct you to the nearest cable-equipped TV. Once there, you'll find yourself behind the controls of driverTV.
Our sister site, TVSquad, tipped us off to this newest form of car shopping that includes everything from a listing of the cars basic features and equipment, detailed shots of the interior and exterior, and, our personal –chuckle- favorite, a 'test drive' that puts you in the driver's seat. The three-minute long video is shot from the driver's point of view and each vehicle that you test is driven along the same route, in an effort to exact some kind of plausible difference between your chosen rides.

We don't see this replacing the physical act of shopping for cars anytime soon, but it may arm future buyers with more information before making the trek to the dealers. If you're bored with the act of grilling animal flesh outdoors and enjoying some time with the family, it may be worth a few extra minutes of your time. Then again, maybe not.

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