What can't duct tape do? The Shalgo Shaggin Wagon

The Weblogs, Inc. network is a wonderful place to find weird and interesting news, and can you believe we found this gem at our sister-site, The Digital Music Weblog? The 1972 Volkswagen Squareback you see above is entirely covered in scrap duct tape leftover from the production of Shalgo's iPod jackets. Produced from over 5,000 pieces of scrap duct tape and 60 hours of free time, the Shalgo Shaggin Wagon is a great example of repurposing waste material in a fun and creative way. You can actually buy it for the bargain price of $9,240, and since it's covered in duct tape it's virtually guaranteed not to fall apart.

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[Source: The Digital Music Weblog]

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