Paranoid? Then slip into a Ghurka

Meet the Ghurka.

Built by Canada's Armet Armored Vehicles, the heavily armored SUV weighs in at a scant 9 1/2 tons and is engineered to take a significant amount of punishment. Not surprisingly, the initial batch of Ghurkas is slated for use by the American and Canadian armed forces in the Middle East. The bullet and blast-resistant Ghurka is an impressive and pugnacious-looking machine, especially when it's optioned up all the way with gun ports and a roof turret -- elements that let its occupants hit back after they absorb a blow from an enemy.

If you think you have to be on foreign soil to see one of these puppies in action, you're wrong. Armet is getting ready to deliver one to an unnamed "well-known" California customer (it's not Arnold -- Leno, maybe?) who plans to use the Ghurka as a daily driver. If you're security-obsessed, want to roll in something that kinda looks like a VW Thing on steroids, and have $200K burning a hole in your pocket, Armet will build you one, too.

[Source: Toronto Sun]

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