The crew at Winding Road deserves a medal for finding this lost tale of one of the most spectacular car stunts ever attempted back in September of 1972. Nicknamed the "Super Jump", the stunt features Kenny Powers driving a rocket-powered Lincoln Continental up an 85-foot ramp attempting to jump the St. Lawrence river from Morrisburg, Ontario and landing one mile away on New York's Ogden Island. To do so, Powers' rocket-powered Lincoln Continental needed to reach a speed of 280 mph!

The tale of this mad adventure reads like an automotive soap opera worthy of daytime TV. Five years in the making, a cost of over $1 million and an unapproved last minute driver change add up to some compelling video, for sure. A Hollywood producer stepped in to finance the project in exchange for exclusive rights to the video, and we're glad he did.

Did Kenny Powers make it across the St. Lawrence River in his rocket-powered Lincoln Continental? Let's just say aerodynamics hadn't quite been perfected back in 1972. Just watch...

[Source: YouTube via WindingRoad]

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