Nissan tries new incentive: Buy Now, Pay Later

Beginning today, Nissan is offering its buyers a creative new incentive that it hopes will spur the company's sagging sales. Any customer who buys a Nissan now through October 2 won't have to make a payment for 130 days. That means if you bought a Versa today, your first payment wouldn't be due until January 2nd. For some reason the offer is not available to residents of Michigan, Maine and Pennsylvania and Nissan has given no explanation for the exclusion of these states.

This is another one of those incentives that could be a double-edged sword for unsavvy consumers. While not making payments seems like fun at first, this type of deal will quickly increase the disparity between what is owed on these vehicles versus what they're worth. A year or two down the line an owner might be caught off guard to find how much negative equity has accumulated in their aging Nissan.

[Source: The Detroit Times]

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