Some of us here at Autoblog have always felt a connection with Grand Theft Auto. Maybe it has to do with our daily efforts to wreak automotive havoc on the digital world or our deep-down secret desires to be bad-ass pimp... but certainly NOT pimping Coca-Cola. Such efforts are for polar bears and teeny bopper idols. Sure, we like Coke as much as the next guy and gal (the kind you DRINK, sheesh, we're not kindred spirits with the games' heroes to quite that extent), but Grand Theft Auto is the epitome of "damn the man" ideology.

So imagine our horror as we watched a Grand Theft Auto hero actually pay for his Coke, yank a guy out of his car to give him a Coke too, shove a homeless guy into a convertible full of hot women, thwart an attempt to steal an elderly woman's purse, and commit more good deeds, all while some really happy people sing, "Give a little love, and it all comes back to you, la la la la la la la....."

So, dear readers, does this constitute a sell-out or an ingenious partnership between Rock Star Games and Coca-Cola? You be the judge.

[Source: transportTrends]

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