The JCB-sponsored, twin-engined Dieselmax streamliner set a new Bonneville Speed Week record for diesel-powered vehicles, with a two-run average speed of 317 mph.

Under the Southern California Timing Association (the Bonneville Speed Week sanctioning body) rules, breaking a record requires an average of two runs, which must be completed within 24 hours. The Dieselmax sped through the measured mile on Thursday at 308 mph, and then again Friday at 325 mph, for a record-setting 317 mph average.

The SCTA Speed Week is followed at the salt flats by the FIA-sanctioned speed trials, where the JCB team hopes to set an international land speed record. The more demanding FIA rules require two runs in the span of only an hour. The Dieselmax will be fitted with specially-prepared 750 hp JCB444-LSR "record" engines for the attempt.

[Source: JCB Dieselmax] Thanks for the tips, everyone!

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