Saturn to explore clean diesel option

With Saturn doing whatever it can to bring a Euro flavor to its North American lineup, the brand is now looking towards a very European way to save fuel - the use of a modern diesel engine. Saturn boss Jill Lajdziak feels that clean diesel would be a "natural" fit for her products. She's also looking to grow the brand through "conquest sales" (new customers that come from outside the GM family), and with the limited number of diesel passenger-car options currently in the marketplace, this looks to be a very smart way to bring new faces into Saturn dealerships.

Saturn's PreVue concept from earlier this year was shown packing a 212-hp twin-turbo Ecotec diesel, so it seems like an obvious candidate. We'd also love to see a Saturn version of the Opel Astra diesel hybrid concept (pictured above), which combines 125 hp from an oilburner with 95 hp from two electric motors to obtain nearly 60 MPG and a 0-60 MPH time below eight seconds.

[Source: Ward's Auto]

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