Suzuki's Project Splash, Swift Sport headed to Paris

Next month in Paris, Suzuki will be unveiling the Project Splash concept (they're calling it a "clinic model") , a modern-looking-tall-bodied hatchback based on the Swift subcompact. The Splash will show off a new 1.2-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine and seat five passengers.

Suzuki is keeping the rest of the info about Project Splash to itself for the time being, though they did release a design sketch (above). With the big shield grille, wide, thin headlamps, and downward-sloping roofline, we're seeing what appears to be some Audi Q7 influences. The car offers us a peek at the direction Suzuki's taking with an upcoming model, so we're very interested in seeing the finished product.

Of more immediate concern to our European readers is the other planned Suzuki debut in Paris: the Euro-spec Swift Sport. The Swift Sport launched in Japan a little over a year ago, where it's powered by a 98kW (133hp) 1.6L VVT 4-cylinder. If the powertrain is unchanged for Europe, sales should be brisk when it hits showrooms in the Fall.

Of course, now that we know the Swift is headed to the US as well, it's time for everyone to cross their fingers and hope that the Sport is part of that plan.

(Press Release, Swift Sport photos after the jump)

[Source: Suzuki]
Swift Sport:
Suzuki Swift Sport Suzuki Swift Sport



Suzuki's exhibit at the 2006 Paris Motor Show [September 28 to October 15] will include the following:

Swift Sport [European Specification]

The flagship model of the new Swift range, the European specification Swift Sport based on the 3-door Swift, will have its launch at the Show. It is produced at Magyar Suzuki Corporation in Hungary and sales will start in the autumn.

Sales of the Japanese specification Swift Sport started late last year [2005] and its performance and dynamic design have been well accepted there since its launch.

Reference car: project Splash

Suzuki will also exhibit project 'Splash' which is a 'clinic model' for another all-new vehicle which will follow the Swift, Grand Vitara, and SX4 onto the market.

Based on the concept of a car that will appeal to many different markets and market sectors Splash is a multipurpose vehicle intended to deliver satisfaction to a very wide spectrum of customers regardless of their lifestyle, age, and gender and with diverse requirements for their personal transportation. It offers:

Excellent driveability
With its platform shared with the new Swift, Splash combines excellent performance and driveability around town and over long distances.

Comfortable cabin
A relatively tall body provides ample occupant comfort and space.

Contemporary interior design
The cabin combines a contemporary design with equipment that maximises user-friendliness.

Splash specifications

Dimensions: 3,780mm (Length) × 1,780mm (Width) × 1,650mm (Height)

Wheelbase: 2,360mm

Engine: All new 1.2L, 16-valve, four-cylinder petrol

Transmission: Four-speed automatic

Seating capacity: Five persons

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