FoMoCo has announced a plan that involves removing a sizeable amount of their dealer network over the next 18 months. The focus will be on large, urban centers where Ford dealers are forced to compete with one another in an effort to squeeze out every possible ounce of market share. The areas most affected will be in the Northeast and Midwest, but plans include scraping dealers as far as San Francisco, so no area is out of the equation.

Many dealers throughout the U.S. have requested this change over the years, but choosing which dealers will go proves to be the biggest challenge. Ford has already met with some of the largest dealers and is encouraging them to buyout some of the lesser outlets in their area.

Whether this is part of Ford's Bold Moves campaign remains to be seen, but in an interview with Automotive News, Tom Addis, the national dealer counsel chair for Ford, said it best, "...everybody wants to go to heaven, and nobody wants to die."

[Source: Automotive News]

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