Exotic car rentals get organized

There are a myriad of choices available to the average traveler when four-wheeled transportation is required. But to the discerning car connoisseur, the prospect of being trapped within a Caliber, Impala or other nondescript people mover is as unconscionable as choosing Denny's over Per Se.

Enter rentexoticcars.net, a website whose sole purpose is to provide the automotive world's most elite rides, for a price. Surprisingly, the cost of such exotica may be within reach to those of you who can afford the rental fees, insurance and have a sizeable chunk of change available on your credit card to cover the security deposit.

The website allows users to select their destination city and then lists what high end machines are available for rent. The choices span the range from Mini Cooper drop-tops to Hummer H2s to Ferrari 360 Spyders. Whatever the taste, they have the flavor.

The interface is easy to work, provides hours of day dreaming entertainment and, our favorite feature, has an RSS feed of anything dealing with supercars from yours truly, Autoblog.

Enjoy, but make it a point to keep you credit card out of reach, preferably in the next time zone.

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