VIDEO: Volvo's RC mini-XC90

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Volvo has created four 1:5 scale mini XC90 SUVs for a very specific task. These true baby utes were built for the European Athletics Championship in Gothemnburg and will be used to transport javelins, hammers and discusses from wherever they land on the field back to the throwers. Each one was hand built by Volvo and feautres an open roof through which discusses and hammers can be placed inside and a special javelin rack up top that is unlikely to see produciton on full-scale XC90s. The radio-controlled Volvos are powered by 2 hp electric motors and can ferry four discusses, three javelins or two hammers back to competitors. Though Volvo has no plans to produce them, we're sure some Volvo engineers will have some fun lunch hours after these RC XC90s finish their tour of duty.

[Source: Volvo]

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